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Mainline psychology and science has painstakingly avoided the existence of spirits or dismissed them as mental illness. These types of spirits would be:
• "The spirit aspect of a living human, as documented in research on Near-Death Experiences;
• The spirit aspect of a deceased human such as has been reported in literature on apparitions and ascended masters; and
• Spirit entities that have never incarnated on Earth, as reported in religious literature, as angels, archangels, etc" (Gough & Shacklett (2000), p. 127).

However, 30-50% of the population in the United States and England are having these experiences. There are very few places in our culture in the United States that accepts spiritual experiences. This blog is for those of you who have had Spiritual Experiences and for those of you who are interested in them for some reason.

A Spiritual Experience (SE) is basically the experience of the spirit or another definition that has proved helpful to others is "a transcendent relationship between the person and a Higher Being, a quality that goes beyond a specific religious affiliation" (Peterson & Nelson, 1987).

These experiences are linked to a history of childhood trauma especially physical and sexual abuse.  It has been said that certain people have these experiences as a kind of compensatory gift in return for the wounds they have incurred in growing up.  In any type of a SE, the ability to dissociate, which one learned to do while experiencing trauma, can be a positive happening.  In one study, 95% of adult children of alcoholic parents (ACOAs) reported have had many psychic experiences as compared to 69% of those without alcoholic parents (Wright (Oct, 2007), p. 25).

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