Communicating With Someone Who Has Died - Stories Of People Who Have

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1)   I absolutely believe I communicated with my sister. I went to a medium and she brought me messages from my sister. My sister acknowledged there had been twins born in the family. She told me not to give up on men. She told me who both of her children were and told me to say hello to them. I just felt so good to know that she's really "out there" and watching. It validated for me that there really is another side.

2)   There are so many of my loved ones that have made their translation to the other side...I communicate with them all the's like speaking with them over the phone or sending emails.  I may not see them but I know they surround me with much loving which definitely convinces me of God's existence.

3)   My first time was when I was re-birthed a year after my husband died. I was on a massage table and he appeared over the table. He was telling me how to raise our young sons. He would come to my bed at night and kind of float over the bed. He has been in my bed where I can feel his back. I feel him following me around.My mother, father, uncle, grandparents and cousins have come to me in bed at different times. They appear when one of the family members they are particularly close to has a problem.

4)    I meditate frequently and can now leave my body at will and go to the other side. I have spoken with my sister, sister-in-law and a fifteen-year old classmate of my daughter who committed suicide. My daughter's classmate had been depressed. She was taking Zoloft, an antidepressant drug. After her suicide, I inquired as to her illness and medication and the history of Zoloft, which we now know can cause suicide in young people by creating psychotic and compulsive acting out behavior of wanting to die. This child was highly functional, did well in school and was active in her youth group in church. She had attended a youth workshop the evening that she died. After her funeral, I was very upset and sought to find out whether she was being "cared for 'on the other side'." I "crossed over" through meditation and met with my sister and sister-in-law both who have died. There were others there who I did not know. I asked if they had met this child and what was happening since her death. They "told" me and showed me that the child had crossed over and was being cared for by several guides. They told me the death was an accident and she was not fully in control. The feeling "on the other side" was heartbreaking. All knew the pain she was feeling. They told me she was "all right" but that did not mean "happy." It meant she was and would continue to be taken care of until she was healed. The feeling "on the other side" was of sadness - great sadness for this child.


5)   Once when I was sick and still recovering from pneumonia, I went to the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina and stayed in a hotel in the town of Maggie Valley next to the Cherokee Indian reservation. There I experienced an encounter with a ghostly apparition during the night. I was awake at the time. I was quite frightened and closed my eyes but I could feel its presence as it passed over me several times. Each time I felt a strong chill throughout my body. I put on a light next to my bed and the apparition disappeared. When I awoke the next day I knew right away I had been cured of my pneumonia. I did not have any chest congestion. My cough was gone and I was able to breathe comfortably for the first time in weeks. Later I learned about a ghost named "Bojum" who once was a miner for jewels in these mountains. It was said he roamed about at night looking for his stash of gemstones. 

      Interestingly, there was a gemstone convention and exhibit taking place right next to our hotel at the time of my visit.  I also later learned that at the turn of the century there was a sanitarium nearby for TB patients as well as for other respiratory problems. It was widely known for its wonderful cures.  This is an experience I will never forget!

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