Normal & Expected Reactions to Spiritual Experiences

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A)   Anger

B)   Depression

C)   Interpersonal Difficulties

If you are living with someone who has had a Spiritual Experience (SE) of any kind, you may have concern for this type of reaction of your loved one.  However, itis due to the ongoing anger or depression related to losing the spiritual state, difficulty reconciling the SE with previous religious beliefs, values or life style and the fear that having a SE might indicate mental instability. 

Once someone has been given a chance to explain their SE and have this experience validated, they eventually have an increased appreciation for life, self-acceptance, concern for others and a sense of purpose.  They may also have a decreased concern for personal status and material possssion and an overall shift toward universalistic spiritual values regardless of previous religious affiliations or lack thereof.

Are you living with someone who has had a SE or have you had one and you're confused?  Please write any of your concerns and I'll be happy to get back to you.  Blessings Karen

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